1. The Greatest Mistake In Life Is To Die Without Jesus.

2. The Greatest Treasure In Life Is To Have Jesus.

3. Time Will Prove Whatsoever You Are Doing So Do Not Mark Yourself Good Yet.

4. Time Is The Currency The Entire World Use; Even The Creator Make Use Of Time So Do Not Waste Your Own Rather Invest It.

5. Never You Try To Help God Instead Submit To His Word For Your Divine Help.

6. Never You Expect God To Play Your
Part And His Part As God In Your Destiny Instead Play Your Own Part In
Faith To Commit  His Integrity.

7. No Time Is Late Is One Of The Killer Disease That Makes A Lazy Man To Die Without Being Fulfill.

8. Until You Understand That All The Devil Has To Offer You Is Steal, Kill And Destroy Before You Stop Going To Him.

9. The Best Way To Lead People Is To Be Friendly With Them And Submitting Yourself In The Governing Rule.

10. Love That End Only Words Without Action Is Still Has Question Mark.

11. Always Listen To What The Voice Is Saying Not How The Voice Is Sounding.

12. It Is Better To Be Slow And Get To Where You Are Going Than To Be Fast And Fall Into Your Grave Before The Time

13. God Cannot Force Miracle On You;
All He Demands Is Your Submission, Surrender And Acknowledgement Of Him
As You Personal God.

14. Knowledge Is Not Power Until You Put It To Action And Action Without Knowledge Is Most Foolish Thing Ever.

15. Integrity And Diligence Can Make A Man A Great Man Any Day Any Time But Lack Of One Can Lead To Eternal Sorrow And Regret.

16. Practice Cannot Make You Perfect But Constant Practice Makes You Perfect.

17. Negligence To Rules And Regulations Of Safety And Precaution Is Parent Of Carelessness Who Gave Birth to Disasters.

18. It Does Not Matter What You Have; Until You Have Jesus As Your Personal Lord And Saviour, You Are Still Poor And Wretched.

19. To Be Over Careful Is As Dangerous As Not Being Careful At All.

20.The Man Who Claim To Love You But Cannot Correct You When He Sees You Going Wrong Hate You More Than Your Enemy.

21. It Is Possible To Give Without Love But It Is Not Possible To Love Without Giving So Let Your Love Control Your Giving.


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